The Proposal

Feb 11th 2013

From Rob’s point of view:男方回忆

Although Rachel and I had already decided to get married, and filed the paperwork to do it, I still hadn’t formally proposed to her. To some that might seem a technicality, but to any woman it’s an important event, and Rachel was no different.


The difficult thing would be to make it a surprise, because since we think alike, any plan I came up with she could figure out before I could do it. My only option was to have no particular plan at all, Just to be ready if the opportunity presented itself, so she couldn’t anticipate it.


She had the engagement ring in her possession since Xmas It was part of another plan that she suspected, so I had to drop it. So the new plan was to do it at some point in China. Problem is, there was no way to arrange anything in advance, since I didn’t know anyone else, and couldn’t communicate with strangers to help. It was all on me.


Hong Kong seemed like a good place, because it was someplace that was exotic, and with the fireworks and the public arena, it was a romantic spot with the water and city lights. Also, the first time I saw what Rachel looked like, it was from a photo taken in that place. I liked the idea that it would be the same place we would be engaged! We waited a long time for the show, and it was worth it, about 25 minutes of fireworks, and it was pretty incredible! I recorded the whole thing, and when it was over, she took the camera and started recording me.I had to retrieve the ring from it’s hiding place, and carry it around without her knowing. A ring box was not possible, because I couldn’t have concealed it. it was just waiting for the right moment.


Still, she was shocked when I popped the question, and she asked me if I was serious…Then she saw the ring…and she asked me why I wasn’t down on one knee…I thought this was the perfect opportunity, but I didn’t count on a few things…. First, once the show was over, there was a massive rush of people to get out of there, we were packed in like sardines, and it was hard to move at all, let alone get down on one knee. Second, I was nervous and excited myself and was so caught up in the moment, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to where I was pointing the camera.


I managed to do it, even with the packed number of people. most of whom took no notice, other than a passing glance as they pushed through. Rachel said “Yes” and let me put the ring on her finger. It was a little big, she had lost some weight since I last saw her. but she was really happy and very, very shocked. She has this cute habit of putting her hand over her mouth when she is really overwhelmed and happy, and I think she kept her hand there until we made it back to the subway.


From Rachel’s point of view:

On the 2nd day after Chinese new year, Hong Kong has a big fireworks display. I have been to it once, and since Rob was visiting China, of course I didn’t want him to miss it. Though it’s only for one day, but I tried to take Rob see as much as I could. He said he wanted to go to the Avenue of Stars, which was already in my plan, because night view of Victoria Harbour is really beautiful.

新年第二天,香港会举行烟火表演。我曾经去过一次,既然罗波来了中国,我当然不想他错过。虽然只有一天的时间,但是我尽量安排他能多看多玩。它说他想去星光大道, 那个也在我的计划中,因为维多利亚港是非常漂亮的

 We went shopping on the street first, got something to eat and then arrived Victoria around 6pm, there were already lots of people there and a lot of the good positions were taken, so we didn’t have much of a choice and had to stand wherever we could and hope we would have a good view. We couldn’t go anywhere anyway, because we had to wait for 2 hours. It was cold but we had fun!


Finally, the fireworks started, once the first flash showed, I felt so happy because we were so lucky, we happened to be in the perfect spot. I felt so happy that I can have these special memories with my love. I enjoy every explosion in every moment….And at the end, I do as I usually do, get the camera, ask Rob about what he thought of it, and tell me how he felt.


He really enjoyed it, and he said it was the biggest fireworks he’d ever seen. He talked slowly, like he was thinking about something else, and I thought he must be so shocked by the giant display and didn’t know what to say. Then he took camera from my hand, pointing it at us…and I was thinking, let’s get this done quick, we need catch the last train back home.


Suddenly, I saw a ring in his hand, my brain went blank, I wasn’t thinking it could happen so quick. I’ll have to remember how he asked by watching the video. I just remember there was always a voice keep playing in my head–“ah! ah! ahhhh~~~!!!!”


So I’m engaged! From the video you can see we got a thousand of people around us when I say yes, it was so crowded, but nobody cared, people were trying to get out of there, so they can catch the train too. It was quite a surprise, and a funny and romantic proposal!





我们当时也是在人潮汹涌的人堆里拉着手走才没有被分开, 想想上海烟花跨年展死了人,真是后怕, 还让他单膝下跪,嗯,真的好在一切没事,还赶上了最后一趟回家的车。那天的真的好惊险,为了上个厕所,跑去另外一端,然后警察开始分流,截断不允许过人,差点就不能和他在一起看烟火了。想象那晚,好惊险,刺激事情一大片。不过经历过,才会是美好回忆!


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