Rob wrote a poem for Rachel

I want to give you a sweet kiss

It’s also your smile that I miss

I want my arms around you

And take you somewhere new

But what I want most of all

Is to be with you and not have to call

One day soon we’ll be together

And I want to keep it that way forever

You will be my Rachel

And that is my reason

To be patient and wait

For my lovely mate

To have and to hold

Till we’re very, very old


April 26th 2013

This is the first time i received a real poem from my love, from my fiance.

Not only one person sent me a poem before, strictly i won’t even call it a poem, because from my eyes, they just try to be sweet, there is one of them even make me sick that doing that since the beginning and i have to turn him down. this one, this one from Rob, I can read his heart, it’s so beautiful, not only from the poem way or from the missing mind

I did know he wrote some poem, I read some before, I wasn’t really get his mind at that time, but this one makes me feel so warm, i can see the pictures, the feeling, his missing, his love….It was such a big surprise that i wake up in the morning, and he told me, he wrote me a poem on facebook, i can’t wait to read it , he started active on fb recently, wrote lots of things made me cry….anyway, those are so cheer me up to go to work….have a good day….etc….and i never thought he would wrote me a POEM, and I am sure he must feel so strong that he can have that beautiful poem, and it does nice one even i read as his friend, i feel like when i read it , it’s like a song, it would be a wonderful song, if someone compose music for it.

Thank you darling, this is really mean something to me, And it’s your FIRST TIME for me <3

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  1. Rob’s poem and Rachel’words make me want to cry. I can feel the happiness when you met and the pain when you miss each other ,becaue i am going through it .the day you guys are with eath other is coming soon,happy for you !

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