About the Save the Date card

Since there’s been a lot of interest in the “Save the Date” card, so I’m creating this post to talk about the story behind it, and how it was made.

So a bit of background, when I visited Rachel in China, we took lots of great photos, but was really fun was when we were in this park about China history and you could dress up in different historical costumes.

So we opted for the old “Red Army” uniforms, and took a bunch of photographs, and had a lot of fun with it! But the locals REALLY got a kick out of seeing a westerner in that. It drew a small crowd of people standing, pointing and taking pictures. Personally it was kinda cool to have the attention…Kinda like a celebrity for a few minutes!

Anyway, here’s a sample of what we got:

From here is was a matter of selecting which ones to use. We thought it would be cool to take the images and make them look like vintage communist propaganda posters from the 50’s and 60’s. I did some google searching and found lots of examples to work from. There were many various looks, and these helped guide the initial designs.

There were a lot of different styles to mimic, and used elements of different posters in the final creation. We went back and forth, sending changes, and making recommendations (it’s good that we both love photoshop) changing elements and the look. It was difficult to match the watercolor style of the originals. We also spent a lot of time discussing the text that would be put into it and the fonts to use.

For most of you who can’t read chinese, the text on the front says “Toward the Great Love, Forward!” – which is similar to the type of text used on the old posters. The back text basically says “Made in China”

When it was finished, it had become more than either of us could have done seperately. As an added touch was to have the back of the envelope to look like a China flag (I used US flag stamps on the front)

It was a labor of love in and of itself, and symbolic of our relationship, making the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.

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