Xmas 2012

It sucks to spend xmas without the person you love. Sure, there is video chat, but even with the time difference, you can hardly even celebrate on the same day. Rachel Spent her xmas at her best friends wedding, and then called me up early, so we could open some gifts together over skype. We couldn’t be together, but you do what you can do.

My gift she left for me on her last visit.  and here’s what I found when I opened it:

A xmas Doctor Who, and a tree (I hadn’t planned on getting a tree, and she wanted to be sure I had one)

The mug is very special, it’s got a couple of my favorite pics of her in her devil costume. That’s what she wore on our first evening together for halloween. It says “I ♥ Rachel” and , the coolest part, has an image of her lip imprint on the top, so when I take a drink, I also kiss her!

Thank you darling!

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