(Top four Chinese politician tongue twister from surname)

前任的兩位,一個是President Hu(胡主席), 一個是Premier Wen(溫總理),一個是「誰」,一個是「何時」,

Last two leaders, previous President Hu, and previous Premier Wen, sounds like WHO and WHEN


Just when Foreign media had finally got used to their surnames


不料,這頭剛習慣「Who」和 「When」,接着來了 兩個更拗口的,

Who knew,after “Who” and “When”, came two new leaders and even more tongue twisting.


一個是 President Xi(習主席),一個是Secretary He(賀國強書記), 這一下,挑戰更大了。

New President Xi, and new Secretary He, a good challenge for the reporters because it’s sounds like SHE and HER


This is what happened when reporters tried to put them all together in a story.英語記者如果不把舌頭 捋平了,簡直沒法報道 新聞:

「She said, I mean he said… She said Who told When… He said, oh I mean Her said, oh yeah, I mean not her said,

I mean he said… Oh, my God!」 中國人難為美國人的時 代,終於降臨了, Yeah!

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