Our First Movie

cuddle and kiss while watch the movie, it’s quite normal to me

ok, now, let’s see what Rob say…your turn….ready?….and go….


Ok, here’s my take…

First, let me say it was a great movie, and a perfect “date” film…If you haven’t watched it, you should.

Now, when I go to a movie, there’s some basics… The first being having snacks and a large drink. Unfortunately, we got to the theater late,  so we skipped the concessions to get to our seats. 

There was a good sized crowd, but we got decent seats, and the previews had already started.

I was concerned about the lack of beverage, but didn’t want to miss the beginning of the movie. We basically sat in the seats, holding hands and then started to cuddle up the best we could, even though there was an arm of the chair between us. 

I’d never really been annoyed by that before. in my own experience, on a movie date, I might hold hands, but I really didn’t “Cuddle”.  It was a new thing to me, and I really liked it!

We spent most of the movie just inches from each other’s faces, kissing often, laughing together, and being as close as we could.

There is something important about being that close to the person that you love, enjoying spending the time together that can’t be understated. To be able to simply turn your head and be able to press your lips together without hardly moving, and to be aware the moment your partner even slightly turns her head to you, knowing that it’s time for another kiss… to be eye to eye, in near darkness, looking in each others’ eyes and to silently share a smile and feel each other’s warm breath…. That’s what being close is really about.

I was so happy, I never wanted the movie to end, and I never cared that I didn’t have a drink. I could have been there all night with her, in our own little world.

Afterwards, I was telling her how special it was to me, and how annoyed I was that the chair arm was between us. Turns out you could actually lift it up so it would be out of your way….

So we agreed that next time, we wouldn’t let that come between us, and I looked forward to our next movie together.

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