My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and was going to be alone today,

Except I haven’t been alone… I’ve had all of you wishing me well, and my darling Rachel doing her best from the other side of the earth to make the day extra special for me. In ways that I couldn’t have imagined…

She even bought me one of the gifts back in February… The cake in the picture that’s made from cloth, so she could give it to me early, and I would be sure to have cake on my birthday.

When she was last here, she knew she wouldn’t be back for at least 6 months, but she came prepared… She left me a birthday gift, a xmas gift and a valentines day card as well.So last night I stayed up late talking to her, as I normally do, and she was the first to wish me a happy birthday… And when I went to bed, she called me in the morning to wake me up, again, she always does that as well, but it’s more special when it’s your birthday.

After I got to work, I already had an email from her waiting, and continued to get emails throughout the day, while she slept she set them up in advance to mail out at different times.

She also arranged to have a beautiful bouquet sent to me but it turned out that the company was worthless, and never delivered it.Thing is, as sad as it was that it didn’t come, I was happy he made the effort, she even ordered it 3 weeks ago!

When I got home, I went out for a giant Arby’s sandwich. and I got to open her gifts… You can see from the pics that I really liked them.

She has this innate way of knowing what I like. I don’t worry about what she picks out for me, I know I’ll like it, and she puts so much of her own heart in what she picks out, I can feel her warmth in it.

She also had videos ready for me to download and watch when I got home, her special messages to me 🙂

And right now she’s having lunch with her co-workers, and still talking to me over MSN. She has done her best to give me a special birthday, and really succeeded!

I love you Rachel!



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