How we miss each other and getting frustrated


Hello love,

I’m very up and down today, sometimes happy, sometimes want to cry.

Listening to happy music to keep me happier.

I need my love…I know soon, but still not soon enough. Don’t want to work now.

I miss you



hello love,


I’m home now, got the gorceries put away. still have a headache, and it’s worse now, so I hope yours is gone.


still feeling very emotional, I found myself talking to you under my breath, and I really didn’t want to be shopping, or be out, or do anything. Why do I have so much energy when I’m with you, and none when I’m without you?



Remember that I love you, and I miss you, and no matter what else you think of me,

I still want to be by your side when you fall asleep and when you open your eyes.

I should be giving you morning kisses right now, and it frustrates me that I can’t.

I won’t be happy until we can be together and never need to part again.

I love you, and I miss your shining, sleepy face smiling sideways at me.



Hello love,

I hope you are feeling better when you wake up. I feel so bad for you, and it upsets me that I can’t do anything.

I don’t know what to say, and I want to hold you… I want you here with me.

I love you, and I miss you terribly.



A email what Rob found out

So, after over an hour wait to talk to a tier 2, here’s what happened:

First she tells me that it’s been approved, and will be sent to NVC, but also tells me that in some cases, it doesn’t get sent to the NVC at all, and can be sent directly to the consulate, and I should also check with them.

I said, how would it get an GUZ number if it’s not sent to the NVC first?

She really didn’t answer that, and switched to saying that it would get sent to the NVC.

I explained to her that it doesn’t make sense, since half the petitions that were approved on my date were already at the NVC, and they had all arrived by may 10th.

Then she said it depends on the country….so I pointed out to her that there were some countries that had arrived while others from the same countries hadn’t.

She said that each case was different…. I said they were all I-129F cases, all approved on the same day.


She asked me if I had placed a service request… I told her I had one pending with the NVC, but I would like to have one for the USCIS as well.

Then she said she couldn’t put in a service request until 30 days after the approval date, and I could call back then.

I asked if she could at least tell me where my application was right now? She told me that after approval, there is nothing more logged about the case, so she didn’t know.

As this was going nowhere, I ended the call….Then I made another call…

I called up the Senator’s office and spoke to the immigration person again. I explained everything that had transpired, and why I was frustrated. She had received an email from USCIS saying my application had been approved, and it would be sent to the NVC, and would arrive in 3-6 weeks.

I went over my frustrations again, about how half of the applications were already at the NVC, so why do I have to wait that long?

Her reply was that she honestly has no idea why the USCIS does thing the way they do them, and it really doesn’t make any sense sometimes.  But because they gave her a timeline of 3-6 weeks, she can’t really do anything more until it’s been over 6 weeks. She said if it’s not at the NVC by the end of May, then to let her know and they will get the paperwork ready to do another inquiry.

So, until then, I just have to keep calling the NVC every day, so I will know when it arrives.

I’m not sure about what the tier 2 woman said about it going directly to the consulate, but I can try calling them Sunday night and see if I can find out anything.

I love you, I’m sorry I couldn’t find out anything more.


Same time another email at 18th

Hello darling,

I’m feeling down, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more today. I feel like I let you down.

I miss you, my love. Called the NVC again to see if it’s come in by chance…nope. T-T

I want to hold you and be with you, I’m so frustrated….AAAAARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what else to say, other than I miss you, and I just hold on to our wedding day to be with you….

I may see if I can sneak out of here a little early…it’s going to be a long drive to Haley’s play.  Alex is going to come back with me tonight.

I don’t even want to go anymore. I just want you.



Thank you for the wake up call, darling, I miss you, and I hope we get the number today…

I need your hugs and kisses!!!

I love you!!!!!



Hello darling,

Still nothing at the NVC, I’ll check again later.

Talked to my cognizant contact, she said that I can go ahead and send her an email with the amount of time off and the approximate days so she can work on getting the approval to take the time off, and when we know the actual dates, I can let her know then.

I miss you, and yes, I thought of you with me here at lunch…feel sad that you weren’t with me.

I love you darling





So, not at the NVC yet… I’m going to be on the phone for a while…

Going to call up the uscis, and try talking to a tier 2 again. Technically tomorrow is 30 days, but since it hasn’t arrived yet, I have no expectation it will arrive tomorrow either. And perhaps I can get them to start taking additional steps.

I miss you

Another email spoke to tier 2 email

So here’s what happened, The woman who answered the phone had a horrendous accent, very hard to understand her, but at least she was polite and helpful and offered to contact the CSC right away without arguing with me.

The case will be looked up and the CSC will send me a letter notifying me of the location of it and get it off to the NVC.

The annoying part is that I should receive a letter by June 7th… basically 2 weeks. Granted, it could arrive at the NVC before that.

I asked her if there is any way I can find out sooner than that, get a phone call or an email or something, and she said that wasn’t possible.

So at least they are going to do something on the USCIS end…. Also I should be hearing from the NVC Research request soon, as those typically take 2 weeks.

Also, next week I can call the senator’s office again.

My ear is sore.



Not at NVC yet.

That guy that added me as a friend, “Totoemy” had an interesting status updates:


My case so far.. We got our NOA2 April 10th, 2013, Hard copy in the mail April 12th, 2013, sent a inquiry to NVCresearch after 30 days and stating that our petition was not recieved with a copy of our NOA2..recieved email response from NVC on May 17th, 2013 that they recieved our copy of our NOA2 and would contact USCIS on our behalf..Called NVC May 20th to get a update, instructed to wait 15 buisness days for a response.. called USCIS..spoke to a Tier 2 and put a inquiry in for the location…

Today: a email from NVC today stated that they got a response from USCIS on the location of my petition…which is still sitting at the local field office it was processed at in San I called USCIS and told them that my case is sitting at the field office and what are they going to do about they sent a urgent email to the local office to forward our petition to the NVC ASAP..

I can’t help think WTF are these people doing?


Another email after Spoke to USCIS

They haven’t gotten a response back from the inquiry, and I was told it can take up to 5 business days to get a response back.

The person told me that they would contact me when a response was received, but I’m not buying that.

It would be nice if they do, but I’m not going to assume they will.

At least I wasn’t on hold forever this time. Perhaps because of the holiday?

I love you!

I miss you




Just got off the phone with NVC for my first call of the day, it still hasn’t been received…

Anyway, I ended up having to school the person on the phone, she suggested that since the NOA2 said it had been forwarded to the consulate, it may have been sent there. I told her that all I-129F’s go through the NVC first before being sent to the consulate.

Then she went through the usual script, send the email to nvc research (I did over two weeks ago) and to wait for a response.

I swear, when this is all done, I think I’d be more qualified to work there than a lot of the people answering the phones…

So, I’ll be doing the long call to Tier 2 at the USCIS again….

I love you

Another same day email

expect it’s either still at the CSC, or at the NRC.

One person on VJ, had been waiting for it to arrive at the NVC, and it wasn’t there yesterday, and today he was told it was just sent off to the consulate.  No idea if it arrived and was done in one day, or if it had been at the NVC for a while and didn’t get logged until it was sent out.




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