Anniversary 2012

So, today was my one year anniversary of the day I met Rachel, She had already had her anniversary the day before, and I had some special gifts planned for her (linked to a separate post). I didn’t know what she had planned for me, but she was really nervous about it, and if I would like it.

Although she kinda implied it would come in the mail, it turns out it was something different…
I was sitting at my desk working, and I get a text message from my boss, saying that there was a delivery for me at the front desk. I knew immediately it had to be from Rachel, as she is the only person that knows my work address.
We have a tradition of video recording our opening gifts, since we can’t be there to see each other’s reactions when they are opened, but it’s more difficult with a delivery, so there really isn’t a way to set it up in advanced. I had mentioned to her the night before that I would video opening my gift, but she seemed unsure about it at the time, now I could see why.
Still, I didn’t want to disappoint her. So I pulled out my cellphone, turned on the video recorder, and headed down to the front desk. I had no idea what she could have sent…I first thought flowers, that’s the obvious thing, but I didn’t think she would send that…I really had no idea what to expect, but I knew that whatever it was, I’d like it, because she knows what I like really well.
I got up to the front desk, and there is this HUGE cellophane wrapped basket…I was thinking, “holy crap?!? That’s for me?”
I looked around the desk to see if there was a different one that I was missing, but no, that was the only one on the desk, it had to be for me. It had these giant, thick cookies in it, and very colorful. I called the security guard over, and told him that it was probably for me. He checked the name, and, yes, it was for me.
It barely fit through the side window, and I was so tickled by it. Being a guy, we don’t usually get gifts at work, in fact, this was the first gift I’d ever gotten at work, and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for anything better or more special. I’m not a person that has a big smile, but I know I had one all the way back to my desk. I wanted everyone to see it, my special gift from my girlfriend! I couldn’t have felt prouder, except perhaps from her last visit when she came to my work for lunch. (another link)
I work in a small office area at the back entrance, and it’s a long walk back, I got a lot of turned heads, and smiles, and some woman joked with me about it. I felt like a special person, that people felt I was fortunate, and most of all, I felt very loved because she had sent this for me.
My co-workers in my office were all out that day, so I was disappointed no one I knew was going to see it.. but as I turned the corner, one of my bosses was turning the corner coming out of the office was looking for me. He had a rather shocked look on his face when he saw me carrying it. He’s kind of an “all business” type, so he didn’t say much, and that quick, I was back in the working world.
I kept it on my desk next to me all day, part of me wanted to eat it, and part of me wanted to leave it untouched…but it still gave me a smile each time I looked at it.
I walk to work every day, it takes about 10 minutes, but today seemed longer, it was very heavy by the time I got home. I took some more pics, and later, when I got hungry, I had one for dinner (I said they were big) and yes, it was delicious!
I have an awesome girlfriend.
Granted, I was pretty awesome myself… I of course sent her flowers, and another special gift as well.
I knew she liked jewelry, but I didn’t know what she has and what she would like. It’s always hard picking out gifts, but I’ve found that with Rachel, it’s best to go with my gut.
I found some pearls, and I’d never seen her wear pearls, but I thought they would compliment her. It was a nice set, that included a ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet. So I decided that it would be perfect.
It was! She was so suprised, she could barely speak, and put them on immediately. Turns out it was the best choice.
She loves pearls, and she only had a bracelet and a necklace from an ex-boyfriend that she didn’t wear anymore. Now she had a whole set she could wear!
I felt so good that she was so happy! I’m glad I went with my instintcts, and that it was exactly what she would want.

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